East Kent Goldings Hops

East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets


This is a group of traditional and very popular English aroma hops grown prior to 1790. Widely cultivated also in the U.S. They are called East Kent Goldings if grown in East Kent, Kent Goldings if grown in mid-Kent, and Goldings if grown elsewhere in the U.K. There are many different named cultivars such as Amon’s Early Bird, Cobbs, Bramling,Canterbury, Petham Rodmersham and in Worcestershire – Mathon. They tend to have a smooth, sweet flavour. Most types of Goldings will work in place of another (Whitbread Golding Variety for East Kent Goldings, e.g.). Note that Styrian Goldings are not of this family, they rather are identical to Fuggles. Goldings grown in U.S. is usually from the Canterbury cultivar

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