Turbo 500 Complete Kit


This complete kit includes everything you need to start and finish your first brew from your hydrometer, to flavours. Reflux Stills include a column/chamber where the distillate is continuously purified during distillation. This process involves the distillate in vapour form being encouraged to condense into tiny droplets that pass back down the column. The ascending vapour then reheats these droplets driving off the alcohol which has a lower boiling point than water. The descending droplet also strips any water from the rising vapour. The water droplets then return to the boiler allowing a higher portion of alcohol to be collected. Reflux stills vary widely in design. Generally the higher the alcohol strength produced from the still the better quality the Reflux still is. The spirit collected from high quality reflux stills like the T500 is particularly ideal for producing gin, vodka and other delicate drinks that are enjoyed neat or with little to mask the flavour of the final spirit.

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