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We can’t offer our entire product range on our website. If you are after a product that we do not have listed or are a little lost, please feel free to contact us directly on 07 8498484.

Whether it’s food or liquor you want to make, we offer everything you need to start creating all of the favourites yourself. Brew Your Own Liquor is your one stop brewing shop. Click here to view our online store!


We are currently closed for the Public Holiday’s but open in between.


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We offer a wide range of kits and mixes to make a number of tasty foods. These include cheese, sausages, yoghurt, butter, kefir, sourdough and fermented vegetables. Click here for more!


Everything you need to start making your favourite beverages at home. These include beer, spirits, wine, cider, ginger beer and honey mead. Click here for more!


All homemade foods and brews need the best products to accompany them. We offer everything you need, including sterilizing gear, corkers, brewing equipment, containers and yeast products. Click here for more!


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Come in and give homemade brewing a try for yourself. Whether you are a pint-making pro or a fascintated first-timer, we want to grow with you every step of the way. ‘Hop’, skip and jump to Hamilton store and get to know our knowledgeable, friendly team. If buying online is more your scene, have a look through our website for everything you need. Either way, we can’t wait to start brewing with you!


Everything you need to start marking spirits and liqeurs at home.


With our large range of wine kits, you can now make your own wine at home.


Delicious home made cheese kits and more to go with your own home brew.


We have everything you need to start making your own beer at home.


Everything you need to make your own cider from scratch can be found here.

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