Next Batch Cider Kit- Apple


Apple cider replacement kits. Providing you with more ingredients to make your next batch of Apple Cider.
You will need to have already purchased a Cider Starter Kit or a Boutique Brewery as this is a replacement ingredient pack.

ABV: approx. 5.2%

The kit includes:
– 9 Litre Cider Ingredient Kit (fruit concentrate, sweetener, flavour and yeast)
– Carbonation Drops
– Detergent x 2
– Steriliser x 2

Millies garden is currently using five different apple varieties in the manufacture of the apple concentrate, Amasya, Golden, Starking, Granny Smith and Galaxy. We made the decision not to list these specific varieties on the packaging because the blends can change from year to year depending on the quality and crop – but right now, these are the varieties we’re using – hope that helps.”

Ingredients: Apple juice concentrate, invert syrup, glucose syrup, malic acid, apple flavourings, yeast nutrient, dried yeast, artificial sweetener (acesulphame potassium), dextrose monohydrate, preservative (sodium metabisulphite). Contains sulphites.

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