Essencia Filter System


The Essencia Carbon Filter has revolutionized the filtering and carbon treatment of alcohol. Using a unique cartridge system this filter eliminates the hassle of having to handle messy carbon. So simple to use. Alcohol poured into the upper reservoir is filtered by the multi stage cartridge system as it makes its way to the lower reservoir. The Essencia Carbon Filter combines the sub micron properties of ceramic filtration with an effectively packed bed of specially formulated activated carbon. As well as looking good, this filter produces results superior to that of many other carbon treatment systems.

The carbon cartridge has been designed to treat 5 batches (from 5 x 25 Litre washes) of spirit at 40% ABV. The cartridge MUST then be replaced to ensure a quality product maintained. The ceramic dome will treat approx 50 batches before a replacement is required.

NOTE – Once five batches have been processed it will appear that the carbon cartridge is still working because the alcohol will smell clean, this is because the CERAMIC cartridge removes the smell. Failure to replace the carbon cartridge will result in untreated alcohol. Spirit should always be watered down before using filter, high strength alcohol will damage the equipment and not filter correctly.

Your new Essencia filter system will come with both a Carbon and Ceramic cartridge and instructions. We carry replace cartridges when you are ready for them.

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